Kyle Pereira

Strategy Games Rebrand

The rebrand includes a new logo, wordmark, and typeface.

Primary Sketches

For the primary sketches of this project I looked to create something that would show off the fact that Strategy Games is a game store. Chess pieces were a common theme in these sketches but I didn't want to entirely give the same logo they previously had but with an updated look. So while a chess piece makes a lot of sense I didn't try to focus too hard on it, and included other things that would resemble strategy, or board games.

Second Sketches

After going through all my initial sketches I picked 2 ideas I liked best and went onto making variations of those 2. Even though I wasn't too interested in using a chess piece I did think it is a good idea while staying true to their original design. This idea is also open to a lot of variation and interpretation. So I decided to continue with some of those chess pieces from round 1 and refine them in this stage. The other idea from my first sketches that I enjoyed was incorperating a flag. The idea behind the flag came from my research were I found it was a common theme between some board games, as well as the strategy genre overall. So I continued with a few of those to be refined.

Final Vectors

After refining my sketches and bringing them into illustrator to be vectorized I ended up choosing the flag variation. From the sketches it went through a few more changes in illustrator. From there I had the wordmark completed an felt it would be a good idea to include a logo to be on it's own, since they originally had both.

Old Logo

For comparison here is the current logo they use online.